my name is marissa and I have been personally victimized by the girl group fifth harmony

twitter: marissaaox

Oh okay. I thought you were joking but I wasn't sure

sorry for the confusion dude whoops I think it’s past my bedtime

How do you know the crazy Spanish girl stalks you

she doesn’t actually stalk me and if one of these people is her I’ll be upset bc now I feel bad she’s not crazy omg I’m going to bed

Hi can we be friends

if your name is marina and ur from Spain then no but anyone else I welcome with open arms :)

People probably get mad at Lauren either because of past stuff with her on the internet, or because she's seen as the "intimidating badass" of the group while Camila's the "innocent sweetheart" so people naturally just assume that Lauren is being rude and Camila p's being sincere and caring

either reason doesn’t matter because it’s rude and disrespectful to mock one person for doing something that she is actually take her time to do that she doesn’t have to and then praising another for the same thing. I will never understand the way this fandom works.